The Roch Law Firm, P.C.

About Me

My name is Don Roch and I practice law at The Roch Law Firm, P.C. My firm focuses on two types of cases:

  • I help people hurt in car wrecks and
  • I help people appeal judgments to a higher court.

If you have a legal question or issue that does not seem to fit into one of the other categories on this website but you would still like to talk to me to see if I can help, please do not hesitate to call. While my firm focuses on specific areas of the law, I understand how frustrating it can be to need help and not know who to call. If the firm is not the best match for your case, I would be happy to help point you to lawyers who handle your type of case.

My office is located a few blocks from the Cherokee County Justice Center in Canton, GA. While my office focuses on assisting clients with matters pending in Cherokee, Pickens, Forsyth, Bartow and Cobb, I am available to handle cases anywhere in the North Metro area.

I understand that those who seek our guidance with their legal issues need a law office that can address their own unique needs. At the Roch Law Firm, I do not offer cookie cutter solutions to legal problems. Just as every client and case is different, so is my strategy for resolving your problem. While my firm values creativity and innovation in handling your specific legal problem, my goal in publishing this website is to give you a good feel for how I approach and solve legal problems as well as my philosophy in approaching certain types of cases.

Call me at (770) 345-7624 or complete the online contact form to set up your free consultation.


At The Roch Law Firm, I believe the firm owes every client my utmost diligence in resolving their legal matters. To that end I make this pledge to all of my clients:

  1. You have a right to speak with me about your case. While I may use assistants to help answering phones and for clerical matters it will be a me who answers your questions and meets with you as needed.
  2. You have right to have your phone calls returned.
  3. You have a right to regular updates on the status of your case as new information becomes available to me.
  4. You have a right to understand the legal complexities of your case and have them explained in plain English.
  5. While no firm can guarantee you the results in your case, I do guarantee I will work my butt off!


Don lives in Woodstock and is a devoted husband and father of two. While Don is a native of Georgia, he considers New Orleans to be his spiritual home town since both sides of his family are from that area. When he isn’t carting his two boys to boy scouts or sporting functions, Don enjoys amateur rocketry as well as tinkering with car engines.