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Do I Have To Use The Insurance Company’s Repair Shop?

No, you don’t have to use the insurance company’s repair shop. Many people use the car insurance company’s repair shop because it is so convenient. Some insurance companies have good repair centers, while others try to cut corners or reduce the cost of repairs by using cheap, inferior, or junkyard parts. I suggest that you research the repair facility before going to have your car repaired there. Many people feel more comfortable using an independent repair facility rather than a repair facility that they at-fault driver’s insurance company directed them to.

Why Won’t Insurance Just Send Me A Check Unless They Talk To The Car Finance Company?

If you owe money on your car, the car loan company gets paid first. This is one of the things that you agreed to when you signed for the car loan. For this reason, the insurance company is going to have to ensure that the car loan is paid off before they send you a check. If the car is worth more than the loan on the vehicle, you will get a check for the remaining balance.

If I Get A Rental Car, How Long Can I Have It And Who Will Pay For It?

If your car is damaged and the wreck isn’t your fault, the at-fault driver is responsible for paying for reasonable rentals, for a reasonable amount of time. This means that if you were driving a Civic, you are not going to be able to rent a Mercedes Benz. You will, however, be able to rent a similar car for a reasonable period of time. What is a reasonable period of time? If your car is being repaired, it is during the time that the car is being repaired. You should know that once the car is ready for pickup, the rental will end, so you need to be ready to pick up the car within a day or so of it being repaired. If your car is totaled – meaning the cost of repairing it is more than, or nearly more than, the car is worth – then you’ll only have a rental for a few days after you are told that the car is totaled. This is why if you think there is a chance that your car might be totaled, you should immediately begin preparing to find a replacement vehicle. Once you are told that the car is totaled, you can often negotiate for a few additional days in order to make arrangements to buy a replacement vehicle.

If The Rental Vehicle Is Not As Per My Requirement, What Can I Do To get The Vehicle I Need?

Oftentimes, the at-fault driver’s insurance company simply does not want to provide you with a fair or reasonable vehicle when you are in a wreck. If the wreck is not your fault and the at-fault driver’s insurance company will not provide you with a reasonable vehicle, you should check with your own insurance to see if arrangements can be made to have a replacement vehicle billed to the at-fault driver. Another option is to rent the vehicle that you need, and then bill the insurance company for the price of the vehicle. If they are not willing to pay for it, then you can consider whether it is worth it to take them to court.

Should I Go Through My Own Insurance To Get The Repairs Done And Worry About Reimbursements Later?

Generally, I recommend that clients speak with both the at-fault driver’s insurance company and their own insurance company about the necessary repairs and their recommendations for repair shops. You can certainly work through your own insurance company, but you need to keep the at-fault driver’s insurance company in the loop so that they – and you – know what to expect on the back end.

How Do I Know If I Should Take My Property Damage Claim To Court?

Property damage claims generally don’t go to court because it is always easier to place the value of damage to a vehicle than it is to place a value on the injury to a body. However, if you have a substantial disagreement over the value of the car, or if you are unhappy with the quality of the repairs, then you may need to take it to court. The first step in deciding whether or not you need to take an issue to court is usually to get an independent appraisal. Depending on the situation, an independent appraiser will either look at the quality of the repairs that have already been done, or what repairs need to be done or in the case of a total loss, the appraisal will look at the value of the vehicle pre-crash. They will be able to tell you whether or not they believe the insurance company’s offer is fair. If there is a substantial difference between your independent appraisal and the insurance company’s determination, then you probably need to talk to an attorney and prepare for court.

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