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Criminal Defense

My approach to defending clients accused or suspected of committing a crime focuses on the individual client’s needs.

Just about anyone charged with a crime is focused on the bottom line – the best possible result. This might include negotiating dismissal of the charges or if the charges won’t be dismissed, preparing to win at trial or negotiating the best possible sentence on the least serious charges possible.

My experience helping clients throughout the criminal justice system has taught me that securing the “best possible result” involves more than just reviewing the charges and negotiating a deal. Rather, this best possible result comes from attacking the charges from many different angles:

In general, I start with a three prong approach:

  • Fact Investigation
  • Legal Investigation
  • Mitigation

Fact Investigation: Cases turn on the facts and the starting point of any defense of criminal charges begins with a defense investigation. This is more than simply taking what the State says at face value. The law enforcement officers that investigated your charges rarely, if ever, look at the evidence from the lens of your potential innocence. By a thorough defense investigation of the facts of your case, and by finding additional facts overlooked or ignored by law enforcement, I help my clients build their defense. My firm utilizes the services of various private investigators and forensic experts depending on the needs of your case and the work to be done. This work may include everything from a simple background check for a potential witness to utilizing an expert in independent DNA testing.

Legal Investigation: While everyone has heard of someone talking ill of a bad person “getting off on a legal technicality,” the truth is that legal technicalities matter and in the appropriate case, they do result in a defendant avoiding a criminal conviction. My legal investigation determines the relevant Georgia law governing your charges and then applies that law to the specific facts of your case as we know them. Georgia law covers well over 63 volumes of books and occupies an entire bookcase in any lawyer’s office. Lawyers who are not experienced in criminal defense make the all-too-common mistake of only looking at the law relating to the crime charged and ignore the interplay of various code sections. At The Roch Law Firm, I pride myself in reviewing my client’s case not just from the arrest warrant or indictment but, also, from an overview of the whole case. Think of it as comparing an “on the ground” approach combined with a “forty-thousand foot” view.

Mitigation: In a nutshell, I view mitigation as minimizing the harmful impact of criminal charges on your life by preparing information about you as an individual as well as the circumstances of your arrest so that I can put you in the best possible light in front of the prosecutor, judge and jury.

Many times, the only thing a prosecutor and police officer know about you will be what they learned about you during one of the worst times of your life. At The Roch Law Firm, I work with my clients to develop the “other side of the story” – the good things about you that put you in the most positive light. These additional good facts about you as an individual can make a big difference in a close case or where you are potentially facing sentencing for a crime.

Finally, my view of mitigation involves me working with you to ensure the facts of your case do not get worse through more police involvement. In much the same way as physicians are bound to the Hippocratic Oath – first do no harm – I assess my client’s case and life circumstances and provide advice to make sure they don’t do anything to make matters worse. This includes helping you address any issues in your life that caused you to come to the attention of police. While there is no requirement that you do so, answering any unresolved substance abuse, mental health, or dependency issues can go a long way towards helping you avoid police contact in the future and can, in the right case, have a positive impact on the result of your criminal case. While I will NEVER pressure a client to get substance abuse or mental health care when they do not want it – the results of that unwanted care is inevitably worse than doing nothing, I am adept at arranging care for my clients who need it and who have expressed an interest in this care.

As mentioned above, I employ, as needed, a network of other professionals ranging from private investigators retired from law enforcement (at both the State and Federal level) as well as forensic toxicologist, pharmacologist, medical experts, accident reconstruction experts, forensic computer experts and the like. To keep fees reasonable, I only employ these experts as the case warrants and with prior approval of the client.

I hope that you will find some initial answers to your questions on these pages and that you will consider my firm to protect the rights of you and your loved ones. I look forward to earning your trust.

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