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What Do I Need To Begin The Claims Process After An Auto Accident?

The first thing really to focus on when you’ve been in an auto accident obviously is to focus on your care. In terms of the documents to begin the claims process, you then want to start a list of the providers that you saw and you are also going to want to have handy your primary care doctor, health insurance information, and your health insurance card. It is also a good idea to start thinking about getting the copy of police report and car insurance information. If you know that there are people that were present at the car wreck, if you have names or information such as that, that’s also information that your attorney is going to want as well. Finally, you should prepare a list of the people that live with you that are blood relatives that are adults. The reason for needing this list is because that can be important if for some reason they have insurance policies that are different than your own. These insurance policies may provide additional coverage to you because of a favorable clause in Georgia law.

What Important Information Does My Attorney Need To Review Prior To Filing A Claim?

The information that I would want to have is going to want to have prior to filing a claim is going to go into basically three buckets. The first is going to be information about your own health insurance. I’m going to want to have a copy of your health insurance card, your health insurance information, and if you have handy any documents, or paperwork from your health insurance that show where you file claims or policy booklet, even though you may not be filing a claim through your health insurance. It’s important that you have that information because it can become important later and I am certainly going to want to review that information. If you do not have health insurance, we are going to want to review your options for obtaining care while your injury claim is pending.

The second bucket of information that I am going to want is information revolving around the car wreck itself. This would be police reports, contact information for the other driver as well as if there is a claim number or contact information if you setup a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company. The final thing is information regarding your own car insurance. This would be your own policy and if you have an insurance card as well as if you’ve renewed your insurance and where you have a copy of whatever coverage you have on your own insurance. Just because I want to look at it doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily going to be at play, but at the early stages of the wreck it’s important for me to be able to look at that information. In many instances, people will have better coverage or duplicate coverage where your insurance may provide coverage that is better or that duplicates coverage that is provided by the at-fault driver, which puts you in a better position than you would be if you were to use just the other driver’s insurance. Similarly, with your own health insurance, even if you don’t necessarily file a claim with your own health insurance, you may have available health insurance discounts through your health insurance which may offset some of the bills that you receive which is important to know and to use if they’re available.

Are My Medical Bills Always Going To Be Paid In Full In A Settlement?

It’s important to understand that there’s a difference between paid in full and satisfied. The goal in a personal injury case is to have your bills satisfied. What I mean by that is to have the bills where there is a zero-balance owed on them. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to end up paying every single dollar that is, in fact, owed on that bill. For instance, if you have health insurance and your health insurance has an in network provider discount with one of the providers that provided care for you, it is possible that that provider will accept less of the payment for the care that they provided. Similarly, it is possible through a settlement and negotiation with the provider that they will accept less payment to satisfy your bill because of other circumstances in your case.

On the flipside, there are cases where you have somebody who is grievously injured and has millions of dollars of medical bills where they are hurt by a teenaged driver. This driver may have very little money and very little insurance coverage. Each case is different in terms of what we’re able to do for the client but the goal in every single case is the same, which is to put the injured client in the absolute best position that we can given the circumstances of their case.

Should I Pay My Medical Bills As They Come In Or Wait For A Settlement?

It really does depend on the circumstances of your individual case whether you should pay your medical bills or wait for a settlement. It is going to depend on the availability of insurance coverage, the availability of health insurance that you might pay for some of the bills, as well as medical payments coverage and other things that might come into play. It’s really not a question that has a general answer that can be given. It depends on the situation for the individual.

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